Meet our Founder. Learn a little bit about her and why she started WhollyGloss™.

Erica Bigger is a....Lover of Gloss & Natural Makeup Lover, Entrepreneur, Designer, Runway model, Fashion Stylist, FIT & London Vogue School graduate. Just to name a few. 

In 2018, the name WhollyGloss took on its own story. Erica was never satisfied with the lipglosses that she brought because they would never feel or look good on her darker lips, so she researched and searched high and low until she found what worked, but she clearly realized she had another problem. She wanted to wear color gloss on her lids as well. Here is what she had to say. 

“I believe I was the one to solve this problem because I love glossy eye makeup, but i could never just find a product that was just that, I always had to create that look.”